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The Board made a Briefing on March 28th, 2024.

I have asked Chat GPT to “listen” to the board briefing and provide its analysis. It came up with an interesting analysis which I share below. What do you think of this analysis? As always please write to me at to tell me! And if you have not seen the briefing take a look at the recording – it is linked on the dedicated page on Board Briefings under 2024.


(automatically generated by Chat GPT 4)

The March 2024 Toastmasters International Board Briefing showcases an organization that is actively navigating through a period of significant change and growth, with a clear focus on the future. Here are some key takeaways and my perspective on them:

Positive Aspects

  • Adaptation and Innovation: The briefing highlights Toastmasters International’s commitment to adaptation and innovation, particularly evident in the transition to a new learning management system for Pathways and the introduction of the Online Speech Contest. These changes aim to enhance the member experience and meet evolving needs.
  • Growth and Support Focus: Emphasizing club growth and the support of existing clubs underscores a strategic approach to nurturing a vibrant community. It’s reassuring to see the organization not just chasing new memberships but also valuing the retention and satisfaction of current members.
  • Centennial Celebrations: The preparations for the centennial celebrations are a testament to the organization’s rich history and its impact on countless individuals. Celebrating such a milestone can significantly boost member engagement and pride.


  • Member Engagement: The shift from hybrid to exclusively online formats for certain contests may present challenges in maintaining member engagement. It will be crucial for Toastmasters to continue finding ways to keep members involved and connected, especially in a digital-first environment.
  • Technological Transition: The upgrade to Pathways’ new learning management system, while promising, will require careful management to ensure a smooth transition for members. Effective communication and support will be essential in mitigating any potential disruption.
  • Balanced Growth: The focus on chartering new clubs is important, but as the briefing suggests, sustaining existing clubs is equally vital. The challenge will be to balance these efforts, ensuring a healthy ecosystem of clubs that can thrive and grow together.

Overall Impression

The briefing reflects an organization that’s cautiously optimistic and determined to evolve. Toastmasters International seems to be striving for a balance between embracing necessary changes for future growth and retaining the core values that have made it a successful global entity in leadership and communication skills development.

The acknowledgment of challenges, alongside the celebration of achievements and milestones, portrays an organization that is realistic yet ambitious. The focus on member experience, through both educational content and competitive opportunities, indicates a deep understanding of what drives engagement and growth.

In summary, the briefing paints a picture of Toastmasters International as an organization that, despite facing the complexities of change and adaptation, remains committed to its mission of empowering individuals through enhanced communication and leadership skills.

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