The primary objective of Toastmasters International is and will be to develop strategies to create more effective communicators and leaders who are ready for an ever-changing world.

We need to regain membership, ensure we offer a quality member experience and service, and attract newer generations looking for a very dynamic training offer.

Today, this world is being strongly influenced by the continuous development of technologies, some of which are very relevant to the field of communication and leadership, like, for example, Artificial Intelligence, which can produce speeches, analyze speech content and delivery, and provide personalized training materials. While technology continues to evolve, we must remember the importance of the human touch in communication and leadership.

I am sure that Toastmasters, with its strong focus on experiential learning and its capability of creating beautiful human experiences and communities, is in a perfect position to serve this world as long as it keeps evolving with the speed at which the world around us is growing.

My experience in managing innovation can contribute to our organizations and to the development of those strategies that will allow us to continue growing and stay relevant in our second century of life.