District 59 AD, DivD, PRM, CGD – District 109 DD, IPDD

I served my original District 59 (Western Europe) and then my new District 109 (Italy, San Marino, Vatican, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Greece, Cyprus – that came out of a split of 59) from 2014 to 2020. I covered the following roles:

2014/2015 AD for Area G3 of D59 (Floence/Rome/Naples) – the Area became President Distinguished

2015/2016 DivD for Division G of D59 (Italy) – the Division became President Distinguished

2016/2017 PRM of D59 – the District became President Distinguished

2017/2018 One of the three CGD of D59 (Western Europe), in the year before the district split into three, the district was Distinguished

2018/2019 First DD of D109, the district became Smedley Distinguished in its first year of existence, number 7 in the world

2019/2020 IPDD of D109