As a child, I was exposed to an international environment when I was 12 years old, and my father was assigned to the Italian Embassy in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, as the military attache. At the time, Yugoslavia was a fascinating country, a federation of 7 republics and the only not-aligned country of Eastern Europe. I attended the International School of Belgrade, where in my class of 13 students, we came from 11 different nations. There, I had the gift of learning English, which greatly impacted my personal and professional life.

I currently live in Rome, Italy, and apart from Toastmasters, I also have a passion for food, technology, and diving. I eat a bit too much and am always ready to try something I have never eaten before.
My house is filled with technological devices, and Alexa controls the lights, the door, the windows, and the air conditioning and gently allows me to live with her.

The companies I work with are at the forefront of technology and keep innovating. They make my professional life challenging but also rewarding.

In my spare time, I am a certified scuba diving instructor (PADI), and I love to teach children to dive and help them discover the silent world.
I have a daughter who is 18 and a life partner with whom I share a passion for traveling and discovering new cultures, new foods, and new people.

My daughter is always challenging and stimulating my interest in innovation, while my partner keeps me grounded and ensures I do not get carried away by technology. Both bring that unique, special human touch to my life, making it great, memorable, and enjoyable.
All the above keeps me always smiling.