I have served on the board of Commercenet Italy, the association for the development of electronic commerce in Italy and part of the Commercenet Network in the world. For that organization I have been VP.

I have been a member of the board of OBI, Open Buying on the Internet, which was working on eCommerce standards and eventually defined new versions of EDI, and supported that work in CEN, the European Standardization body.

Not only developing technology through research but also making that technology usable and useful.

My work in designing and managing EU funded research has given me a lot of experience on how technological development can be incorporated into existing operations by enhancing, speeding and optimizing them. It has also taught me the difficulties that incorporating such developments can bring. I have learnt how to influence the design of new policies and strategies for the development of the European economy and learned to design projects and activities that support existing policies and foster the adoption of new ones. Finally I have learned a lot in managing research projects implemented by a group of people over which I had no hierarchical power, who often came from very different background and cultures.

The skill of being able to manage innovation to produce tangible positive results gives me a know-how that I believe would bring a useful contribution to the board. Leading international projects makes working with a diverse set of people something that I am used to do. My passion and curiosity will help me drive forward new proposals, while my experience in actually carrying out actions within the limits of assigned budgets will make sure those new ideas do not break the bank.

In Toastmasters I started by creating a plan and putting it into practice to allow Italy (at the time undistricted) to become part of District 59. Later I had the opportunity to define a multi-year plan for the growth of Toastmasters in Italy.
As the first district director of District 109 I had the opportunity to define a growth and development strategy for the District.
In 2020, as soon as the pandemic hit, I saw the opportunity to develop Toastmasters in the online field and designed and headed a strategic initiative called Moonlit to develop a marketing approach, marketing plans and marketing materials that clubs and districts across the world could use in developing our activities online. During my years as Region Advisor I worked on tools to give District leaders a view of how their District had been growing in the past and project that growth forward.
I am currently involved in a project to overcome linguistic barriers when making Toastmasters known across the world.

In my business activities, I have been involved in the last 30 years in supporting companies and universities in aligning their research and development activities with the current European Strategies and Priorities.
I have been part of the strategic think-tanks and standardization bodies that have designed and developed the e-commerce standards used in Europe and across the world, where I contributed both my technical skills and my visions.
Today I support companies in developing their business by designing innovation strategies and product development plans that align with the foreseen future requirements of the fields of operation of those companies and the forecasted technological growth, while always keeping in mind the human element.