Francesco FEDELE

Fuel the Future with FF - Candidate International Director, Region 10. Towards the second century and beyond!

Hello, I’m FF

Hello! I’m Francesco Fedele, also known as FF. I believe I have the Fuel and the passion needed to help shape the Future of our organization, the way we would like it to be: an organization that is ready for its second century of life. Why me as ID, and why now? I consider this an opportune time to be an active member of the strategic leadership team of our organization. I wish to use my visionary skills and my experience in managing innovation in R&D to bring that approach to Toastmasters helping our organization evolve, modernize and offer the best service to our members in their quest for personal development. Now that our organization needs to rebuild itself and get ready for a second century, I think that it would be a perfect time to bring my competences to serve the board and our members.

My Toastmaster Experience

I have been in Toastmasters 12 years, been a member of 6 clubs, 4 of which I helped found. I am currently a member in two clubs. I have given over 200 speeches and workshops/educationals in Toastmasters meetings. Toastmasters Roma, in ITALY, is my home club and the club that I first joined 12 years ago. EloquenTIS is the Italian online advanced club that I founded 3 years ago, during the pandemic.

District roles

District 59 AD, DivD, PRM, CGD - District 109 DD, IPDD I served my original...

Club roles

I have held 15 club officer roles in my six clubs, five of which I...

International roles

Two terms as RA, member of RASC Apr 2021/Jun 2022 - Region 10 Advisor Oct/Nov...

A message from Umbria, Italy

Harvesting olives and growing as persons have a lot in common...

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Other Candidates

I am not the only Candidate for the position of International Director. I invite you to look at the profiles of the other candidates, in particular to those competing with...

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